Angela holds trauma-sensitive training as a provider of Parent-Child Interactive Therapy-A (PCIT-A) from the Trauma Center of the Justice Resource Institute near Boston, MA.  Home-based PCIT-A services are available.

Parent-Child Interactive Therapy-A is designed for children ages 2-12 years old and is a short-term mastery-based treatment based on the specific needs of the family. PCIT-A has been adapted for children who have experienced trauma and is a proven parent training intervention based on over 20 years of research that teaches caregivers (biological parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, etc) specific behavior management techniques as they play with their child.

PCIT focuses on improving the caregiver-child relationship and increasing children’s positive behaviors. PCIT is unique to other forms of parent training as caregivers are coached live by the therapist while engaging in specific play therapy and discipline skills with their child. Families who have completed this intervention have found they have developed a closer relationship with their child, as well as feel more confident and have more success when addressing their child’s behaviors.

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