Online Counseling

e-Therapy & Online Counseling Fees

Each email therapy session is $34.95 (U.S.). Payment can be made by using PayPal, which is a third-party company that is nationally recognized and uses a secure server. You will need to have a credit card account or bank account to utilize this service. One email therapy session include receipt of up to 2 email inquiry from the client and 2 email responses from the e-therapist/counselor. Each email inquiry can be up to 250 words.

To begin your online counseling session, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the appropriate payment button below for either online therapy or telephone therapy.
  2. Once you have complete the payment process through PayPal, you will be redirected back to this website.
  3. Fill out and submit the online Consent for Treatment form.
  4. When the Consent for Treatment has been submitted you will be redirected to the General Intake form.
  5. Fill out and submit the General Intake form.
  6. Please include a detailed description of your problem when prompted.
  7. Once payment has been received, you will receive your therapeutic reply within 24-48 hours (response times may be longer during holidays and weekends)

Click on the icon below to establish your payment account with PayPal.


One Email Session = 34.95


15-minute phone session = $ 30.00
30-minute phone session = $ 55.00

60-minute phone session = $ 80.00

The online counseling services Angela offers are designed to give you additional options in seeking professional help. This service is best suited for a brief solution-focused interaction.


Four Hours pre-pay = $ 300.00
Hourly Rate = $ 95.00

Evaluation = $ 450.00

Please include the following in your email:

  • the present issue or problem (including some examples)
  • some background information on yourself (counseling history, use of psychotropic medications, hospitalizations, etc.)
  • ways in which the problem is affecting you
  • what you would like to achieve through counseling
  • what efforts you have made to cope with or resolve the present problem

Keep in mind that the more information your therapist has, the better able she will be to fully understand your situation. After submitting your email, you will receive a confirmation indicating that your message has been received. If Angela determines online therapy is appropriate in your situation, or does not believe that she can be of assistance, she will notify you in the initial confirmation email response. You will not be charged for the session in that case.

Upon receipt of confirmation email and that online counseling and Angela’s scope of practice is a good match for your situation, please click on the PayPal button in the email or one of the PayPal buttons on the site to make a payment for the session. After payment has been received, you will receive a detailed response to your situation (usually within 24-48 hours).

Online Service Fees

All online services must be pre-paid using the “purchase” button. Or send your check or money
order written to Angela Jones POB 445 Franconia, NH 03580.

Email a Question

Email interaction is for issues that lend themselves to a brief, solution-focused, text-based format,
for example: Substance use Recovery Maintenance support, substance use related concerns &
questions, Harm Reduction support, Parenting, Goal-setting, Coaching, Communication Challenges,
Grief, Motivation, Procrastination, Stress, Cognitive coping skills, or a second opinion…

Skype or Video Conference

The client must have this equipment in order for this service to be available. Your privacy can not
be guaranteed with skype or video-conferencing.

Instant Messaging

Coming soon! This service is a real-time messaging interaction. This feature for clients who are unable, for
personal reasons, to schedule an office appointment. After you schedule an i-message appointment,
I will contact you regarding a secure messaging service that is appropriate for your session.

Secure Email   

If you would like to send me private and personal information, see the top of this page. I will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

For your privacy and security, it is recommended that you set up an email account with
the following FREE secure email delivery service. This service allows you to send and receive encrypted and digitally signed communications using
your existing e-mail program.

Office Therapy

Most insurance is accepted for traditional, face-to-face sessions. Please see FAQ for details. Angela
is an in-network provider for most major insurance companies (which means that you pay a reduced
fee, and typically pay only a co-pay amount for each session). Prior to your appointment, please
check with your insurance carrier to determine which fees are specific to your plan.

Email Exchanges

Online therapy & counseling can provide a convenient and confidential means of gaining emotional
support and professional guidance. Send an email detailing the problem or concern you are
experiencing. Angela will respond to your email, providing insight, support and proactive steps for
you to take regarding the problem or concern. You will receive her response typically within 24-48
hours. Please read About Services for details regarding my scope of practice.

Couples can receive online therapy as well. You may each write your own email or you may write an
email together that details the problem you are facing as a couple. Some people choose to consult
only once or twice with the therapist, while others develop an ongoing therapeutic relationship with
the counselor online. Online services can also be used to supplement in the office appointments.

Consultations & Collaborations

Angela also provides consultations to behavioral health, substance use treatment, and mental health professionals. Services include consultations regarding starting a new office therapy practice and starting an online therapy practice. Angela also provides consultation services to therapists who are working with a new or challenging client issue related to co-occurring mental health & substance use issues. Consultation services are provided in the same manner as online therapy services, and fees are $45.00 per email consultation. Follow the same instructions as the online therapy instructions.

Angela is a member of the International Society for Mental Health Online  and holds e-Therapy provider certification.

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